The fiancee of a brilliant surgeon is decapitated in a car accident. He keeps her head alive while he searches for a body in time for their wedding, with hilarious results!

Adapted from the 1962 B-movie classic


Composer Chris Cassone talks about his history with “Brain”:

In the 80’s I was chief recording engineer of North Lake Sound in White Plains, NY, and I worked with some of the top song writers of the world. Owner Chip Taylor wrote “Wild Thing”, “Angel of the Morning” and hundreds more. His partner Billy Vera wrote the huge hit “At This Moment”, and their close friend, Larry Brown, was responsible for “Tie A Yellow Ribbon” among many. They all taught me a major lesson: Every song must tell a compelling story.

ThenI met Bruce Bernhard in Los Angeles in 2011. He was working on adapting one of my favorite cheesy horror films into a musical comedy. He asked if I’d be willing to write some songs, and I jumped at the chance. The process we used on the opening number, “God Is In The House”, continued through the remaining seventeen. He would need a song to enhance a particular moment on stage — maybe he had a title, maybe he had a stanza or two for direction. I would take it home,and after the Muse arrived, I would send him a simple MP3 recorded at my desk. A little more tinkering with lyrics and melody, and then into my studio in NY for a demo.

Bruce was always reminding me that each song was part of the whole narrative, it had to propel the story line. I coupled that imperative with my instinct to have each song stand alone, and have enduring merit. We ended up with eighteen story songs telling one big ol’ crazy story.

The best compliment I received was from cast members’ Facebook posts: “Help! I can’t get this one out of my head!”