The fiancee of a brilliant surgeon is decapitated in a car accident. He keeps her head alive while he searches for a body in time for their wedding, with hilarious results!

Adapted from the 1962 B-movie classic

Cast and Crew


Maddie Casto - JAN

Michael Daly - MORTY

Mathew Walker - LYLE

Kenneth Charles Graham - KURT

Pascal Bouquillard - THE CREATURE

Amanda Becker -Ensemble

Isaiah Washington - Ensemble

Joshua Ruppenkamp - Ensemble

Whitney Daniels - Ensemble

Rebecca Weatherby - ENSEMBLE


Bruce Bernhard -Writer & Producer

Linda Eisen - Director and Co-Producer

Chris Cassone - COMPOSER

Brittanee Marie Clark - Stage Manager

Reid Lawrence - Lighting Designer


Anthony Nannini - Choreographer

Janine Marie McCabe - Costume Designer

Tabitha Morse - Associate Costumer

Kelsey Palmer - Prop Designer

Chrissy Eliason - Set Design & Construction

Ernie Eliason - Set Design & Construction