The fiancee of a brilliant surgeon is decapitated in a car accident. He keeps her head alive while he searches for a body in time for their wedding, with hilarious results!

Adapted from the 1962 B-movie classic

A Spinnaker Production

Track the Brain’s progress from rehearsals to opening night!

The Brain That Wouldnt' Die Sizzle Reel!

The Brain That Wouldn't Die Sizzle Reel! Take you mind off of the election for 2 minutes and 21 seconds. We call it a sizzle reel because it does! We are very excited to be working on Brain 2.0 and will keep you posted as to what's next.

Posted by The Brain That Wouldn't Die - The Musical on Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Music

“The Brain That Wouldn’t Die!” features sixteen original songs composed and played by some of the hottest musicians on both coasts. Orders for the soundtrack album will be taken at the performances.

A medley of “Brain” songs:

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Cast and Crew

“The Brain That Wouldn’t Die!” has attracted the finest talent in Charleston, and rigorous auditions have resulted in a sensational cast. The production is designed by a truly innovative team. And all the elements are neatly pulled together by veteran director, Linda Eisen. Her steady hand on the tiller keeps our ship on course.

The Venue

“The Brain That Wouldn’t Die!” had its world premiere in Charleston in 2016. It will be back in 2017 at the Charleston Music Hall!


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